Someone wrote, “I’ve been working on a theory. In the 70’s and 80’s, doctors were telling (mostly white) women not to breast feed their children. There was also a big “let them cry it out” philosophy that dominated parenting strategies. Gee, what long term effects could that possibly have?”

Think about it. “Let the children cry it out”? Uh, for how long? Until the child figures out he’s alone and there is no one coming?! Generally speaking, I think that is what evil people want babies to experience and conclude. And think about it. God made a woman to produce the VERY BEST food for a baby. And the genius experts in family and child care encouraged powdered formula instead of wonderful mother’s milk. Besides the lack of skin on skin touch that blesses the child developing a security, this also is probably the cause of much breast cancer. Also, shouldn’t we have an investigation into this matter and see if the powdered milk producers were behind it?

We must get back to God’s design. We must get back to family including mother, father, and their biologically produced children. We must stay married and show our children commitment. We must stop the insanity of listening to the godless culture.

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