In the Bible is the warning that a man shall give an account before God for every careless word spoken. Paul wrote to “speak the truth in love.” He said to the Christians, “do not lie to one another since you laid aside the old self” (Col. 3:9). To lie is to deceive; to deceive is to confuse, conceal, and hide; to hide is to cover in darkness. Lying is unbecoming of Christians,…and in these tumultuous times, we must declare how it is unbecoming of politicians. People need the clarity of truth, not the darkness of lies, in the pulpit and in the public service.

One concern I have with politicans is that many of them say whatever is necessary for the moment. For example, one politician was recently asked on Good Morning America about the infamous remark that “I actually voted for the 87 Billion dollar [aid bill for the military] before I voted against it.” His answer is disturbing:

Pressed to explain his line about voting for an $87 billion aid bill before voting against it, Kerry said it was “one of those inarticulate moments, late in the evening when I was dead tired in the primaries.” Almost instantly, Bush campaign officials pointed out that Kerry had spoken at a noontime event. Aides to the Massachusetts senator later said he had made a mistake in his recollection.

If it were true that he made the remark late in the day when he was “dead tired”, then mental error could be forgiven. However, as his opponent’s campaign officials point out, the remark was made at a “noontime event”, when, presumably he was not “dead tired”! So he made up the part about it being evening; he made up the part that he was dead tired. He made the remark in the full light of day. What he did was offer fantasy in the place of facts. That’s disturbing. It is a troublesome when people make up stories when the truth is more helpful to everyone. A smart man knows that he will be called to account for every word [sometimes now, but definitely later], and does his very best to speak only the facts. If you are a Believer, then understand that it is so much easier to keep up with your stories if they are based on reality, facts, and actual events. Speak truth!!!

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