….the victims are overwhelmingly women who belong to African communities here, and those who committed the acts are armed men who belong to Arab tribes….

I’m happy that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is “freely given, and freely received” (Mt. 10:8). Christianity is recieved not for money, not under the threat of death. It’s a choice. The saving message of Jesus Christ is told in love and there is never any force or coercion brought to bear on the hearer: none that the truth itself doesn’t bring (Eph. 4:15). If a man rejects the truth, the disciple turns away, shakes the dust from his feet, and seeks someone else to teach (Mk. 6:11). Christians are commanded by Christ to teach the Gospel to the whole world. Beyond teaching the truth, he has little power over the actions of another human being. But this is not so in other religions. Where the Christian’s sword is a Bible (Eph. 6:12ff; Heb. 4:12), the sword that advances radical Islam is the threat of a real sword. Because Christianity is received by free will, it can exist under any form of government. But in order for radical Islam to exist, it must control by force.

In the Sudan, thousands and thousands are being murdered (as U.N. peacekeepers sit idly by) because Arab Muslims of northern Sudan want to force their religion on the entire population. These people offer two choices: believe in their way or die. Commenting on the situation, “Secretary of State Colin Powell, in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, declared the tragedy in the Darfur region a ‘genocide’.”1 While our American forces have their hands full, fighting the war on terror in the middle east, the United Nations and Secretary General, Kofi Annan appoints “a panel of experts to determine whether the violence in Darfur meets the international legal definition of genocide.”2 While the United Nations decides if the mass killings are genocide, in Sudan there is human slavery, women are regularly raped and beaten,3 and as many as 2 million have been murdered. You have to wonder where is the threshold when neighboring countries will decide that enough is enough. This massacre has been going on for 17 years and it is doubtful that Kofi Annan’s “panel of experts” will solve the problem.

For starters, every Believer needs to pray for people to be free and have the opportunity to exercise their freedom in the worship of God. Pray that these people come to know the Grace and forgiveness and abundant life in Jesus Christ. Let’s pray that the pure evil in Sudan be extinguished so that people may live peaceable and quiet lives in service to God. This might mean that the more Christian south practice some self-defense and that the neighboring countries pitch in to help defeat this evil.

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