Have you noticed how many people of faith there are in the music and movie industry? To hear these people talk, you get the impression that they have dipped deep into the foutain of faith.

A rapper, known as ‘Lil Kim (I have never seen her nor heard her music), has been convicted of four counts of perjury and could serve a total of 20 years. Because it’s her first offense, she will probably get far less time. Interesting is the following snippet: “Lil’ Kim declined to comment outside court, but in a statement issued later, she said she was ‘disappointed’ by the verdict. ‘Throughout my life, I have always lived with adversity and will continue to have faith and do good for my family, friends and fans,’ she said.”1

This person of faith is the same one who, according to the same article, is “known for her raunchy raps and revealing outfits,…” To be honest, I don’t pretend to know any more about this woman than what is told in this story, but I do know that “raunchy raps and revealing outfits” do not describe people who are making a claim to godliness. I get the sense that ‘Lil Kim isn’t making a claim to the Christian faith.

1.Accessed at:, On: March 18, 2005

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