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The Washington Post is reporting that fewer children are being placed on brain drugs such as Ritalin and Paxil. The article, “Psychiatric Drugs’ Use Drops for Children” (Full article), shows that not enough is known about the effects of taking these drugs. There are fears that the drugs may be related to the increased suicide rates among teens. The claims of the drug manufacturers are not holding up against:

“a series of taxpayer-funded analyses [that] have systematically undermined the claims of industry-funded drug trials, raising thorny questions about the ways in which psychiatric drugs are being tested, marketed and used.”

Thorny indeed. The children who would have been prescribed these drugs must be helped in other ways. And they can be helped.

No one should discount the influence of seeking God and drawing near to Him. Parents are commanded to “bring their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Many homes are are not taking the time to teach the way of the Lord to their children. There is nothing man-made that can replace a loving and disciplined home where God’s presence is in the deeds and words of godly parents. I pray that more parents will turn to God when they learn that drugs are not the answer.

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