“This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man. For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” – Genesis 2:23

The Scripture shows that God designed marriage to be between man and woman; which is the basis for a normal, biological, and natural family. But the modern world is feverishly attempting to redefine “family” to mean something very different. We are told that single-parent families are equal to the normal two-parent family. A single-parent home is sometimes unavoidable for various reasons, but it is not desirable as is a two-parent home (Read my article here that shows how divorce is hurting children). We are told that gay and lesbian families are equal to the parenting of the normal two-parent family (Read here where I show evidence that homosexual couples do not provide the best environment for children). And they give evidence from their experts to prove that their children in adolescence have no more problems than kids raised in the normal biological families. Are these conclusions real?

There are other experts in the field of giving therapy to homosexuals who say that the studies which give glowing appraisals for lesbians raising a child are unscientific and skewed so that the conclusions are false.

“That activist lesbians play ‘psychological-research’ games to justify their lifestyle and push their revolutionary agenda is one thing. That their scribblings are sheepishly accepted for publication in professional periodicals–in spite of their scientific worthlessness–is even harder to understand, unless we must assume that the editors of those periodicals decided to become the humble servants of the gay and lesbian movement.”1

Even without my understanding of Scripture which says it is sinful for people of the same sex to lie together, I almost intuitively know that the modern psychological position that says same-sex “families” are normal is not supported by the evidence. I encourage you to read the article by Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D. in its entirety here and see that he says

“it is well-known, activist homosexuals and lesbians devote their lives to their Great Ideal: convincing themselves and others of their normality.”

This doctor shows that the studies being offered in support of same-sex “families” are only serving to shroud the reality that the children are hurt by living in this lifestyle.

The following real-life story about a 21-year-old woman tells how her life was influenced by living with her lesbian mother and another woman. Read and weep:

“Sabine, 21-years old, tells the sad story of her childhood in a newspaper interview, motivated by her wish to warn the ignorant public against gay parenting [1]. When she was six, her parents divorced and she practically did not see her father again. Her mother started a lesbian relationship and took her friend in the home. ‘I never understood what mother wanted from this woman and why she ran after her.’ Sabine did not like the ‘new one’: ‘I didn’t have the opportunity to really build a relation with my mother… she stood between us.’ Sabine never had the feeling that her mother was really there for her. Until now, she misses her intimacy: ‘I wish I would succeed in making her clear that a mother-child relationship is something very special. Something vulnerable.’ Her mother feels wronged that Sabine does not treat her friend like herself, but according to Sabine, ‘she does not understand she is my mother and no one else.’ As a child, Sabine did not yet clearly perceive how problematic her mother’s lifestyle was to her. Now, she does: “I didn’t learn what a relationship is.” Her sexual identity is disturbed. She thought it normal to fall in love with a girl, but in fact she couldn’t. And ‘I just didn’t perceive the other sex. Not at all.’ In adolescence, ‘that (the other sex) was an aspect that was completely fallen away’ and it stayed that way. Theoretically, she knows a family would be ideal, but she has no erotic feelings, neither for women, nor for men, and feels utterly incapable to rear a child. Moreover, she fears to transmit her own unsolved problems-inhibited communication and disturbed sexual identity–to that child.”2

The words of that young woman are her words and they are painful. Some who read this might get upset or angry, but there is no hatred or animosity in me for telling it. I want the truth. But the professionals who should care about these children do not tell the truth with their “science games.” My heart goes out to children who have to live their lives pretending that their family is normal, when it is clearly abnormal. Society didn’t harm this girl; but her mother did. Neither biology nor the Word of God can permit us to say that she lived in a normal family.

Let me close with a word of encouragement for everyone who has grownup in a not so normal family. You are made by God. He knows how you “work” and He will help you. If you seek Him, He will nurture you like a nursing mother and He will teach and discipline you like a good father. He will show you how to think, and how to love. He will bring clarity to your judgment so that know what is right and wrong. There is hope for those poor souls who have reached adulthood who have lingering, even debilitating, fears that they cannot have the normal life. God will teach you what you did not learn. He will help the detached and lonely heart to feel again. You can be happy. Trust God and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, and seek Him with all of your heart, mind, and strength.

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ: Believe that He is the Son of God. Turn from sin and obey God. Confess with your mouth what you believe in your heart. Be fully immersed in water and be buried with Christ and be raised from it in the belief that God raises you to be brand new without sin. Then continue to walk with Him and be faithful through the rest of your days and He will give you eternal life.

1.Wainright, Jennifer L., and Patterson, Charlotte J., “Delinquency, victimization, and substance use among adolescents with female same-sex parents.” Journal of the Family, 2006, 20, 3, 526-530. As referenced by Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D. “‘Science’ Games Lesbian Psychologists Play” Accessed at:

2.Die Tagespost (Germany), 2004, July 17, p. 9. Accessed from:

3. Here is another good article that reveals how the APA is subverting science as it walks in lockstep with the gay agenda.

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