In an article on the growing number of blacks who homeschool, La Shawn Barber offers the following insight on the traditional, biologically normal, and Biblically styled family:

“What I’m about to say next is controversial, though it shouldn’t be. Married people with children tend to have different priorities and values than unmarried people with children. For example, a woman who goes to the “trouble” of getting married before procreating for whatever reason (Christian values, fear of stigma, etc.) creates a more stable environment for her offspring. The children’s biological father has more investment interest, so to speak, in his offspring if he’s living with them and married to their mother. Consequently, he’s more willing to do what’s necessary to support them. An intact family has the option to forgo two full-time incomes so the mother can remain at home with the children. Unmarried mothers have much fewer options.”

There is no flaw in her reasoning, but she will no doubt be castigated for being judgmental.

To read the entire article go here.

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