PORTLAND, Me., Oct. 17 — The Portland school board on Wednesday approved a measure allowing middle-school students to gain access to prescription birth control medications without notifying parents.1

I know that the Bible is relevant to any moral question of the day. It’s just that the moral questions are getting more difficult – at least for some. Do you remember the outrage you had when schools made the decision to pass out condoms? Why do this? Because, they say, “the kids are going to do it anyway” and because “abstinence doesn’t work”. Your objections didn’t matter. The “educators” thought they were more qualified to choose the children’s welfare than were the parents. Now that all the furor has settled over that decision, and now that the door is wide open, more control is being wrestled from parents. Now the state of Maine wants to provide birth control prescriptions to 11 year olds! Excuse me, but I thought health care, doctor visits, hospital emergency visits, and prescriptions fall under the responsibility of the parents. When did parents lose the right to make such important decisions?

The Bible says, “FATHERS, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). That means school administrators have no say in the moral instruction of my children. That means the fifth grade teachers have no right to contradict the moral instruction I give my children. That means that local school board officials, as well as senators, congressmen, governors, and judges have no right to give tacit approval for my children to do what I have taught them not to do. It is MY job to bring my children up in the discipline and instruction of God. No one has a right to be prescribing pills to my children. That is my child. And I believe, no, I know, that giving the pill, like giving a condom, is sending the wrong message to children. They are my children, not yours, and I get to decide what they will be taught and what they will not be taught.

One more thing parents. This illustrates just one more reason why an alternative to “public education” is needed. The government schools are letting you down when they strip away your parental rights. Doing so, they are not serving the public. More and more, they are serving a left-leaning public and not your children, if you believe mothers and fathers have a God-given responsibility and right to raise them as you please.

1.”Birth Control Allowed at Maine Middle School”.
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