“Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.” – Rom. 13:7

I understand and respect the spirit of what God says here. But I wonder about the wisdom of some lawmakers. A New Mexico lawmaker is proposing new taxes in order to fight fat. Yes that’s right, too many people are fat and televisions are to blame. He wants new taxes on televisions and video games.1 I say maybe slippers should be taxed too since they encourage kicking back and relaxing. And maybe luxury items like ice cream, soft drinks, and Nilla Wafers should get a double tax. And coffee shops should be taxed out of business unless they provide cardio machines instead of padded chairs. And fast food and high class restaurants need to include more taxes, say 15 to 20 percent more, to cover the additional medical costs for the heart disease and strokes they contribute to. And bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades should be taxed since they benefit from the paved roads and pathways. And Wal-Mart and Target customers should pay higher taxes to help support their cities “mom and pop” businesses on Main St. And Hollywood and other “entertainment” persons should pay much higher taxes to offset the spiritual, emotional, and physical damage they do to the culture (David Letterman should pay an additional 50% for not being funny). See, there is no shortage of things to tax.

1. Tax to Fight Fat

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