Remember how we loved the field trip in elementary school? We would all jump on the school bus to visit a dairy, county fair, or museum. The anticipation was so great that we couldn’t sleep the night before. It didn’t matter where we were going because we were getting out of class. And we learned a lot too – most of the time – as it gave us a broader understanding of the world. What fun it was to come home with a memento and no homework. But times are different. There’s no telling what your child will see or hear on a field trip today.

A group of primary school children in Amsterdam visited a local mosque on their field trip. And do you know what they heard? They learned from the mosque representative that children and all non-Muslims are dogs. How brave and loving and sensitive and safe was that! How dare that man or anyone compare a child to a dog? How cruel and shocking for the Imam to talk to the children in such a way. They are not dogs. They are special to us, and though they sometimes smell, they are innocent. The reception the children received at the mosque is far different from how Christians think of children. We think of them as sweet and innocent little rug rats. And Jesus loved children. He said for the disciples to permit them to come to Him. He said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” He is clearly drawing a distinction between children and adults. There is something really special about children. That’s what the children should have heard on their field trip in Amsterdam. Whoever organizes next year’s field trip just might want to skip the mosque.


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