China is in the news because of its brutal crackdown in Tibet and because it is hosting the Olympics. This was the discussion on the radio where I also learned that Chinese athletes must be given permission by the Chinese government to play outside of the country and half of the capitalists dollars the athlete makes belongs to the government.


Chief among the new rules, clearly crafted with Yao in mind, is one requiring Chinese athletes abroad to turn over at least half their pretax earnings, including endorsement income, to Chinese government agencies for the length of their careers. That could cost Yao millions of dollars a year.



They are forced to turn over large portions of those dollars to the government and when they return to China, they must play for the Chinese National team in their preferred sport. Is it not amazing that a billion people continue to live like this in the 21st century?

In China, the idea of freedom is nebulous. There is no religious freedom unless you consider it freedom to worship wherever the government says you can. To stray for the strict guidelines is to invite imprisonment or death. Any religion that does not support the communist party line is quickly deemed a threat to national security and a cause for arrest and confiscation of all properties. We must pray for the Christians in China that they work and worship there unmolested.


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