“The van’s driver, Aaron Rimar of St. Pete Beach, was treated and released. Records show he’s been charged with about 20 traffic citations in the past, according to media reports in Florida. Charges against the driver are pending investigation.”

The driver of the van jumped the curb and drove along the sidewalk before hitting Seth and Heather Whalley throwing them for about forty feet. Heather died and Seth is recovering. They have three pre-teen children. Heather, with her family, attended the Lake Norman Church of Christ in Charlotte, NC. (http://www.brotherhoodnews.com) Please keep the Whalley family in your prayers.

Mr. Rimar has 20 previous traffic violations! If I had 10 violations, I wouldn’t be driving. How does a man have a license after 20 violations? I’ve been watching for updates on the investigation. It’s been a month and I can’t find anything on the toxicology reports of the driver.

Update: 4 months later….

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