I snapped this photo at a restaurant because I think it illustrates how we often look in the wrong places for our happiness. If you are not happy, eat a sundae. If you are not happy, eat a Little Debbie cake or go buy something. But these have a downside. You know the saying, “A sundae a day, increases what you weigh.” I made that up, but it’s true. And over-spending can bust the family budget and then nobody is happy-not even the dog.

God wants us to be happy. The way to true and lasting happiness is not through food, entertainment, or things. Happiness ought to be a blessed state when one is right with God. The people of Israel were happy when they knew the goodness of God (2Chron. 7:10). The Psalmist said that the person who fears God and walks in His ways is happy (Psalm 128:1). The wisdom of God found in the Scriptures gives happiness (Pro. 3:18). I have personally experienced it and seen others lifted up and encouraged by spending time in God’s Word. Christians know this happiness as God intended. If you repent and get baptized, you are turning away from sin and are washed clean which is a significant cause for lasting happiness (Acts 2:38; 8:39). Jesus said you are blessed if you know these things and do them (John 13:17).

If happiness is in a raspberry sundae, it does not last. The Lord gives to everyone who comes to Him a joy in life that does not come and go depending on the circumstances.

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