CBCNews reports on a German church that is taking 639 years to “perform” a musical piece that originally took only 22 minutes. The title of the piece is “As Slow as Possible” and the church decided that 22 minutes was not slow enough. So far, since beginning in 2000, only the 6th chord has been played. Read more here… Each chord is played continuously until the next chord is to be played. For the next six hundred years, this group of people has made the determination to saddle their descendants with an exercise that has no Biblical basis. Christians engage in meaningful things that relate to spreading the Gospel.

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  1. Well, 639 years compared to 22 minutes may seem at great variance from a human perspective. From God’s perspective, outside of time, the piece may be music to God’s ears, so to speak. Perhaps it can be a reminder of Time vs. Eternity: how brief life on Earth is compared to the eternity of the next; how God’s mercy and justice relate to our moral decisions, i.e. our choice of how to spend Eternity, either in God’s presence or apart from him and that this eternal life begins on Earth with God’s graces. It may help some people to think of these realities.


  2. Perhaps ‘worthless’ is a strong word or maybe it is in in the ear of the listener. But, the question is, is it Biblical – is what what God wants for New Testament worship?


  3. Dear Paz,You can find “meaning” in anything if you try hard enough, but I mean that there is no Biblical proof that playing a piece of music for 639 years has an ounce of value. Now compare that to preaching the Gospel for 639 years. Objectively, that has meaning and is not worthless. If the German church decided that the communion would be performed while members stood on their head, I suppose someone could assign some meaning to it, but I choose to believe such a thing would be worthless toward accomplishing God’s mission. Such human inventions are distractions to the real mission of the church.


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