Every investigation seeks to find the TRUTH. In relationships, people want faithfulness and honesty. TRUTH is what most every person wants. This is never more important than when you are seeking to know about God and His will for you. The person who is looking for answers about God and about life needs only to read the Bible. It contains the TRUTH he searches for.1 The Bible is powerful so that a man can know the TRUTH about God and how to live in a way that pleases Him.2 A man can know if he is lost or saved and can begin to repair his relationships with God and men. Because the Bible is complete TRUTH, revealing the very thoughts of God, any teaching, or belief system, or human tradition, or creed that in some way adds to or takes from it, is to be disregarded.3

It is clear that God is real.4 The complex world we live in came into being by an intelligent and loving Creator whose name is Jehovah.5 Evolution theory with its primary mechanisms of “chance” and “time” cannot explain or accomplish life that is on Earth. God has made Himself evident in the creation so that men intuitively recognize there is moral order for right and wrong.6

It is clear that God’s children have a problem.7 Just as the first man, Adam, was created with free will and without sin, so all men have free will and are born without sin.8 But just as Adam disobeyed, at some point in a person’s life, we disobey God and become accountable for doing wrong.9 The consequence for disobeying God is eternal existence away from His presence.10 After this life, each person will go either to heaven or to hell.11 The TRUTH is that all men sin and the majority will be eternally lost, but only the few will go to heaven.12 The Good News is that God is inviting everyone to be saved and enter heaven.13
It is clear that God loves the world because He sent His own Son so that believers might have everlasting life.14 It is the TRUTH that every person can be saved through Jesus: He is “the way, the truth, the life”.15 God’s plan from the very beginning was that Jesus would come to earth, leaving the glory of heaven that was His from before the foundation of the world, in order to dwell with us.16 During His thirty three years on earth, He was tempted in every way possible yet He never sinned.17 He always did the Father’s will. During this time He spoke the TRUTH about man’s spiritual condition and provided many miraculous proofs that He was the Son of God.18 By His sinless life, it was God’s righteous plan that Jesus die and pay the penalty for the sins that others committed.19 By Jesus’ death on the cross, a man can be forgiven.20 After Jesus was crucified and buried, on the third day, the Holy Spirit raised Him from the grave thus accomplishing victory over sin and death for everyone that believes this Gospel.21 Jesus’ death proved He was flesh and blood, and His resurrection proved He is the Son of God.22 What will be your response to Jesus?
The way of salvation is clear. And the way you respond to it has eternal consequences.23 The chances are that you are like the majority of people who are not saved and need the salvation that comes through Jesus.24 The Good News is that your relationship with God can be restored as if you had never even once sinned.25 To be saved, sinners must believe in God and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.26 To be a Christian who follows Jesus you must repent by turning from your sinful deeds, confess your belief, and be immersed in the watery grave of baptism to “wash away your sins.27 This is a person’s first introduction into God’s saving grace. A prayer alone will not satisfy God; God is looking to see an obedient faith.28 If you believe in Jesus, do not delay from turning away from sin and living according to the TRUTH revealed in the Bible. Be baptized and call on His name and you shall be saved!29 Having received Jesus in this way, the child of God is continually forgiven as he obediently walks with God.30 If you believe, you should make plans to worship this Sunday with others who believe the TRUTH.31

We invite you to investigate these matters. We believe in the saving grace of God and want to share the Good News with you. Our EMAIL is And we are on the WEB at May you be blessed by the TRUTH.
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