“Study Finds That 35 Percent Of BlackBerry And PDA Users Would Choose Their Device Over Their Spouse”1

Don’t tell me this has nothing to do with our societies rejection of God. It’s a good thing that most people don’t have to make the choice between their phone and their spouse.

You know people don’t listen to warnings when 40% of Galveston residents stayed after being warned last Friday, Sept. 12, 2008, that they would face certain death if they did not evacuate. Today, 3 days later, the death toll stands at five. The exaggerated warnings of emergency officials were intended to save lives, but they may have caused people to have less confidence in the future.

There was another flood which is recorded in the Bible when Noah built a great ship and God flooded the earth above every mountain. For everyone that refused to repent and enter the ark, it was certain death because God meant what He said.

It never fails that tragedy brings into sharp focus what is important. Cell phones and flat panel televisions don’t mean that much when facing life and death. Next to a clean bottle of water and our family, most everything else pales in significance. Do the Blackberry fans really believe a phone is more valuable than a family member. Until tragedy strikes, we won’t know.

Our world has lost its way and needs to heed the words of the Apostle Peter: Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; – Acts 3:19

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