Governor, Sarah Palin’s church was burned down most likely by arsonists. According to SOME, the attention given to it by the major news media has been scant. I suppose the lives of a few ladies in a building aren’t that important. They escaped, but no thanks to the evildoers.

Christians, the Devil is doing what he has always done. He has always opposed God and incited carnal men to harm good people. The day has arrived that religious, non-violent, law-abiding citizens are perceived to be the root of all trouble. The Bible is already considered by some to be a book of hate because it says homosexuality is a sin. So hide your Bibles and pray because a long winter is ahead. I suppose it won’t be long when merely living your Christian life will be deemed “hate speech”. The ones who demand tolerance have been emboldened.

Categories: intolerance, intollerant, tolerance, tolerant

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