TECH POST: Need to play or stream an old "wmv" file?

I had an issue of not being able to play lessons being posted on the Cambridge City church of Christ but the format they use won’t play on many newer computers. The “wmv” format is an old codec, antiquated, which is replaced by “wma”. If you have this issue that Windows Media Player, VLC player, and Winamp won’t play the audio/video, then download THIS CODEC. It is an “exe” application file and it will download and ask if you want to Save or Run. You can save it to your downloads folder or you can Run it. Note that you need to be in Windows Internet Explorer. The other Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari may not know what to do with the “exe” application file.

I am posting this information for the sake of those who struggled for hours to figure out why they couldn’t play the old a/v files. This post was made on 2/5/2010 but I am giving it an old post date so it won’t be at front of blog site.

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