According to Canadian TV [CTV] there is more promise in developing cures from adult stem cells. The other stem cell is “harvested” from destroyed fetuses making them completely objectionable to Christians. The technology that is described in the article changes adult cells from his or her own body into the “pluripotent” cells, called stem cells, which are then be inserted into the body to become bone, brain, or some desirable body part.

“This new simplified method does not require embryos and instead can generate stem cells from many adult tissues, including a patient’s own skin cells, allowing for personalized therapies.”

The adult stem cell technology means that hearts may be mended. Damaged brained may be repaired. This treatment in five years could be used to cure kidney disease, heart disease, and joint disease. Imagine, instead of waiting for a kidney or heart transplant, your own stem cells would be injected into the heart which would then rebuild into new repaired cells in the organ. The tissue rebuilds itself like new and this without the need to destroy a child. Hooray for the Canadians! Hooray for God’s wisdom being unleashed in medicine.

Adult stems cells are already curing. While the cultural debate continues over whether it is ethical to make fetuses only to kill them and harvest their stems, adult stems cells from the person’s own body are actually bringing cures. From the Owatonna People’s Press is the following: “Then on the seventh day, July 28 — his daughter’s birthday — doctors were able to do a stem cell transplant of [Jim] Miller’s own cells, giving him a stronger immune system and wiping out this cancer.” This is just more good news in stem cell research that does not involve destroying life.
“Canadians make stem cell breakthrough”. Accessed HERE.
“Jim Miller”, Owatonna People’s Press, March 6, 2009, P.1

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