Sometimes it just good to let someone else do the talking. It’s like the old saying, “don’t try to to re-invent the wheel.” Here are a couple of paragraphs from a good lesson on worship music.

“Folks, it’s interesting to note that none of these individuals said they were altering the worship “because God’s word says we should.” They really couldn’t make that statement because it wouldn’t be true — and these folks probably knew that. Instead, they appealed to “reaching out to others,” as though that were the only thing that mattered.

As the apostle Paul was about to deliver his sermon on Mars Hill in Athens, he found himself surrounded by people who, like many today, “were worn out with the same old thing” — thus they were looking to “hear some new thing” (Acts 17:21 – NKJV). But when we read the inspired sermon Paul preached to these folks, we find him focusing not on their “need for the new,” but on the ancient and eternal God of creation. And then he made this inspired observation:…”

See the entire lesson HERE.

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