A study shows to me the not so startling information that so-called Christians are no more committed to marriage the are non-believers.

“A BARNA research group (a Christian research organization) survey of 4,000 adults, released last year, found Christians slightly more likely to divorce than non-Christians. Specifically they found that 27% of born-again Christians have been divorced compared to 24% of others. Though the published study did not specify whether the divorces occurred prior to or after becoming a Christian, a spokesman was recorded as stating that about 90% occurred after becoming a Christian.”

In the analysis, we might be tempted to dismiss the findings as not truly representative, but I’m not so sure. The world is exerting heavy influence on the religious people and many denominations have caved to the pressure from society to relax the long accepted Biblical tradition that marriage is for life – adultery or death being the only exception. Many churches today have simply decided it is not an issue that men and women are unlawfully married.

Jesus’ words in Matthew 19 make it abundantly clear that God’s law on marriage, established from the beginning of creation, is still in place. He implies through His discussion of some being Eunuchs that no sexual relations are permitted through remarriage if the divorce from the first spouse was not for sexual immorality. 1 Cor. 7:10-11 shows the only options given by God: remarried unmarried or be reconciled.

I’m not surprised to see that that so many religious people are imitating the world. It’s a problem for man that is as old as time. It’s called unfaithfulness to God and loving the world.

There is an exception to the Barna Study: true Christians could not reflect this trend because true Christians understand commitment and desire to please and honor God in their marriage commitment. The study must only be reflecting what is happening in the broader religious world and not in the church of Christ.

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