When New Hampshire finally passed the right for gays to marry it was only with included protections for churches and clergy who teach against gay marriage and refuse to marry gays. How long will those rights be protected? History tells us that the protections will be taken away with time.

“The death peddlers here and abroad seek to remove legal protection from pro-life doctors who refuse to perform abortion, refer for abortion, or participate in euthanasia. Euphemisms like “reproductive freedom,” the “right to choose,” and “death with dignity” justify the assault on our patient’s lives and our rights of conscience.” – Matt Anderson, OB/GYN, Minnesota

At one time when the Supreme Court found in the Constitution the right for women to abort their babies, conscientious doctors and hospitals were protected from any requirement to participate. When abortion was legalized, out went the Hypocratic Oath. But still doctors were not required to give abortions or participate in euthanasia. But now in 2009, that protection may be removed. It’s called liberal incrementalism.

The religious freedoms we enjoy are being chiseled away by the same tactics that the medical communities rights were, a step at a time, incrementally. I’m not a fan of smoking, but remember when there were small non-smoking sections in restaurants? That was better than nothing. These took over the smoking sections and smoking on planes was replaced by no smoking on any planes. Then airports became smoke free along with government buildings, then non-government buildings. Any day now, a smoker will be a criminal if he smokes in his own home. I’m not defending the nasty habit of smoking, but this is a perfect illustration of the incremental approach that is employed against the church and the right to preach the truth.

When the Clinton Administration enacted the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of allowing gays in the military, that was to be the final position offering the best of both worlds. But now in 2009 the policy is under review to possibly leave openly gay military personnel the right to stay in. It’s just one example of the step-by-step encroachment of liberalism.

No one can justify the committing a crime. But saying “hateful” things is said by modern liberals to encourage “hate crimes”. They say that the church is encouraging them by preaching that homosexuality is a sin. That’s right, already it’s painted as bigotry and hate by merely preaching the Bible. Such is the reasoning.

The separation of church and state meant that religious practice and belief was protected even as the society and culture became more and more pluralistic. For a long time there was a quiet tension between the two sides. But of late, there has been a lot of talk about legislation against so-called “hate crimes” and “hate speech”. Even though crime has always been about some kind of hate, something new is brewing to make preaching the truth concerning sexual sins a crime. In the future will the protections for clergy who oppose gay marriage be removed?

The Bible does not encourage any sort of hate crime when it says, “You must not have sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse with a woman; it is a detestable act.” (Lev. 18:22) God does not hate gays, He hates what they are doing.

Just like the sins of adultery and fornication, homosexuality is sinful and against nature. Gay marriage is not just like hetersexual marriage. A new study from the University of Texas at Austin finds,

“Challenging the idea that marriage is necessary for solidifying relationships, a new study from The University of Texas at Austin reveals same-sex couples in long-term relationships believe marriage is more important in terms of legal rights, but less so as a symbol of commitment.”

God’s marriage is between a man and woman who can biologically produce children. Commitment is part of the union. There is no such motivation in gay marriage just as there is not ability to “be fruitful and multiply”. No matter how strong or coercive is the pressure, Homosexual marriage is not something God’s church should participate in or condone in any way.

The evolution of society is maybe the only real measurable evolution. It is the incremental move towards oppression and tyranny of thought and practice. Doctors may be forced to defile their consciences if they wish to keep their jobs. Soldiers will be forced to serve in the close quarters of combat with homosexuals. And preachers will be charged with committing hate crimes for doing nothing but preaching (or writing) the truth that homosexuality is an abomination.

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