WHO IS JESUS?, Hebrews 1

Why do we love Jesus and follow Him?

[1] He is the Son of God, Heb. 1:5.

[2] He is the Eternal God, Heb. 1:8,11,12.

[3] As Son, He perfectly portrays the radiance and glory of the Father, 1:3, cf. Jn. 1:14.

[4] He created the Universe, Heb. 1:2,10.

[5] He is worshiped by the Angels, 1:6; cf Rev. 5:14.

[6] Jesus sits on His throne to rule over His Kingdom and we listen to Him, Heb. 1:8,2.

[7] Jesus provided the way of salvation for us, Heb. 1:3.

Therefore we give Him our reverence. We do not worship the angels or pray to them. We subject ourselves to Jesus’ rule and obey His Holy Word. We are forever thankful and do not neglect this great salvation, 2:1ff.

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