The title of my piece here at first sounds carnal as if we could buy a relationship with God. The Proverb says, “9 Honor the LORD from your wealth and from the first of all your produce;” I understand what Solomon is saying and it’s not that we buy favor from God or in any way cheapen the relationship we have with Him. But God is God and we are His creation and He is worthy of our praise and worship. In that worship we can either bring Him something meaningful or we can bring Him something meaningless.

The value of the gifts say something about our belief in Him and something about our gratitude to Him. If a man spends on himself and gives to God with whatever is left, his faith is called into question. If he thinks of God first when he receives a bounty, it says a lot about his faith in God. So give to God from the first fruits of your labor. Give to God off the top. Plan to give to God as you have been prospered and God will be pleased. If the fruit of your labor is in goats, then give Him your first goat. If the fruit of your labor comes to you monetarily, then honor Him with your wealth.

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