People need a shepherd. Sheep need spiritual leaders who know the way of righteousness. But more and more of today’s so-called spiritual leaders, the “pastors” and televangelists who have the biggest voices and influence, all sound the same, not reflecting the righteousness of God but instead reflecting the culture. When the culture pushes a little, they change their message on sexual sins (a major problem in all periods of Biblical history; see Malachi 2; 1 Cor. 5; Mt. 19; 1 Thess 4:3) and to the desires to make worship pleasing to the flesh (“the music at the church down the street is so pleasing”). Jesus doesn’t compromise on these things and neither should those who claim to represent Him.

Hosea shows us that this was the tendency in his own day, saying the proverb, “Like people, like priests” – Hosea 4:9. This was a way of saying that the religious leaders were taking their direction not from God, but from the people who desired the Canaanite gods and customs. Sexual immorality and false worship were part and parcel to this way. Faithful priests and faithful servants of God do not bend or yield to this pressure. To lead the people in the way of righteousness requires an understanding of God’s Word and courage to proclaim and defend it.

Watch for today’s false teachers to accommodate homosexuality and environmental “mother earth” messages because they are the “like people, like priests” equivalent of Hosea. Let this not be you, stand firm. If you are a Christian, prepare yourself and yield not to our modern culture that says anything goes. Be the line in the sand. Be the shepherd. Be the lone voice in the wilderness that calls people back to God’s righteousness.

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