My coming to salvation, my coming to God, was facilitated by seeing God’s love in other people, not just in the creation (Acts 14:17; Rom. 1:20). When I was lost and lonely and miserable, Hazel came into my life – we were 18. She wasn’t yet a Christian, nor was I, but she knew love and she knew truth and seeing it in her kept me moving in the right direction. We found the Truth together when we began visiting the church of Christ in Mt. Vernon, TX. Thank God.

As children of God, we are the light that reflects the glory of God’s love. If we love others like we love ourselves, we show to the world something that is enduring unlike the trappings and accoutrements of the world. “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world….” is John’s exposition on the reality that God’s love is the ultimate reality and by walking with Him we have fellowship and salvation and true happiness.

We must share the love of God with other people. When Hazel and I were newly weds (19 yrs old), we were shopping at the the local grocery store in Mt. Vernon, TX. A stranger named Jerry Griffin approached us on one of the aisles and introduced himself and asked us to come and visit the church of Christ right down there on Main St. It took us a few months, but we did. It made us look at that church building. When we grew tired of the unloving way of the denomination we were married in and now attending, we went straight to that church building. In a matter of weeks, we were converted. We were convicted by the simple way the Gospel was being preached. I met Jerry again at worship – he was one of the Deacons – at worship and reminded him that he invited us to come. He didn’t remember, but I did. We must go out there are let God’s love be seen in us. We just never know what God will do through us when we do.

It is the love of God that we see in the world through the creation and the kindness of His Children that is so compelling. Don’t hesitate to show God’s love for then you are the light of the world. Let the light of God’s love shine in you that men might glorify God in heaven.

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