I understand that Christians feel unprepared to approach others on matters of faith and so they end up saying nothing. But what if they focused on memorizing a few important verses so they were handy on their mind for that just right moment?

So let me ask what verse would you share with someone if time was limited and this might be your only opportunity? 

I have posed this question to others and I have been given the following responses: Ecclesiastes 12:13; John 3:16; 14:6; Acts 2:42; Romans 1:16; 2 Corinthians 8:9; 1 John 2:1,2.

What would you answer if different? Please leave a comment.

Categories: evangelism

2 replies

  1. I would use james 4:8. For someone who has no hope and is lost in despair. To know that Jehovah god creator of all things will draw near to u if u draw near to him is very comforting. The verse is saying that almighty God must really love man if He is willing to draw near to him. Yeah if I had to pick one verse that would be it


  2. I Peter 1:22…or maybe Hebrews 10:22

    –Ray Stone


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