The godless world cannot escape the judgment of God. We see stars in politics and hollywood – Schwarzenegger and Weiner – crash and burn and we think it’s justice. We are reminded in Scripture that, sure enough, God is not mocked and every man reaps what he sows. The godless world can shake its fist at God and the hedonists can ridicule Christians for their moral stand, but judgment day cannot be denied.

There are consequences to taking the moral high ground in a godless society. First, the world will hate you if you do. They hated Jesus and they will hate anyone who lets his light shine. The prophet who stands up and says, “it’s not lawful for you to do that!” is going to be attacked. But silence isn’t an option either.

Second, and corollary to the first point, the world will not miss the opportunity to bring a Christian’s morality down on his head. When a religious person is caught in a public trespass, the godless world won’t miss the opportunity to label him “hypocrite!” It’s imperative that Christians practice what they preach, not only for conscience sake (Rom. 13:5), but also out of concern that they may invite ridicule.

Look in the mirror. Walk by faith. Confess your sins to God before your sin is found out and the consequences are worse. We may stand back and watch the world burn down in sin and we may rightly express shock and derision because the world has been so foolish to deny God, BUT be sure to look in the mirror. Let’s be sure to remove the log from our own eye. We cannot hope to advance the cause of Christ unless we are willing to sincerely and honestly examine our own lives.

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  1. Few and far between are those not guilty of hypocrisy. One cannot dictate what pricks a conscience and, perhaps more importantly, what does not. Men tend to dictate their own morals, often using religion to justify those less acceptable in enlightened (secular) societies.
    Rather than a mirror follow the advice of Polonius… This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.


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