Paul wrote, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord…” Col. 3:17. This command encompasses all of our actions. There’s nothing which we can do that must not pass this high bar of righteousness.

The reality is that we are tempted to do our deeds to please men. Satan tempts us to care more for the favor of men. But this is not pleasing to the Lord. While it’s true that we must live among men in peace, we do all that we do to please God – if it so happens that that pleases men, you just killed two birds with one stone. Great!

Everything we do we should do for the Lord. Our work is to be done for the Lord, Col. 3:23. Our worship is not to be done to please man, but it is done for the Lord, Mt. 6:2. Our gifts to men are really to the Lord, Phil 4:18. The kindness we show to the poor is lending to the Lord, Pro. 19:17. When we give someone a glass of water or a piece of clothing, we do it for the Lord, Mt. 25:40 When we contribute or pray, it’s not for gaining approval of men. We are not man-pleasers. God is our justifier and we do not do what we do to seek the approval of men, 2 Cor. 10:18. We must obey God rather than men, Acts 5:29. Carnal men lay up treasures on earth. Spiritual men trust in God and they by faith lay up treasures in heaven.
If men are pleased by your generosity, that’s great but you are doing it for the Lord.  If your employer is pleased with the work you do, that a by product of serving the Lord. Our aim in all we do ought to be to be pleasing to the Lord.

Our lives must be filled with the thoughts of God. God instructs us in all that we do. We rise in the morning and lay down at night and walk by the way always with the Lord’s will on our minds. He instructs us in our business and in our play. Our home is God’s residence. And we take God as our guide and helper at school. In all of our ways we acknowledge Him, Pro. 3:6. All things which we do can be done in His presence. Before Him we are open and laid bare. If we are ashamed of anything, then put it away and do what we know is pleasing to Him. Truly, WHATEVER we do, do for the Lord.

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