The godless are those who have banished the thought of God from their lives. In every way they act as if He doesn’t exist. They act as if they are nothing more than an animal, a creature of instinct, destined to be destroyed. The godless believe in the survival of the fittest and they think nothing of dominating the weak. Men are to be used and enslaved if possible. They seek and destroy in order to satisfy their carnal passions. The godless do not speak truth; they know not what it is. The godless do not love. Charity is foolish to them, instead they acquire anything and everything that will gratify their wants. The burdened and weak, voiceless, abandoned souls are to be dispensed with and tossed into the trash. They have no regrets about the past and they have no hopes for the future. The godless are a miserable multitude who hate and despise anything good or innocent. If they see the innocent, they defile it. If they see light, they blow it out. If they see an upright man, they smear with intent to destroy him with his past, with lies, and distortions. The godless destroy with their mouths, Pro. 11:9. They run down and tear to pieces those who oppose them. They speak flattering words and they use the words of truth and holiness, but they use words only to conceal their true meaning. The godless speak of progress and evolution, but their work is about regression and devolution — de-evolution. They do not build up people or things. They destroy because building up things that are lasting means caring about posterity, about others: that’s too much that is not invested in themselves. The godless dress up in ties and polished shoes, but they are filthy and unholy in their minds and in hearts. The godless are the enemies of Christ. Just look at the fruit of the godless on the macro level and you see enslaved, despairing, and unproductive society. The end will come upon the godless and they will not be spared the wrath of God.

“19 Do not fret because of evildoers Or be envious of the wicked; 20 For there will be no future for the evil man; The lamp of the wicked will be put out.” – Pro. 24:19,20

The God-fearing have no fellowship with the godless. It is a sin against God when His people become too familiar with the godless. Godly people represent everything good and decent. As God’s will is done in heaven, so it is done on earth through the godly. God distinguishes between the holy and the profane and he distinguishes between the Christian and non-Christian. Godly people draw near to God. They are people of faith. They long to see the eternal promises of God. Godly people are not easily shaken. They do not fear the threats and intimidations of the godly. They walk by faith, not by sight. They speak truth with love. They care not only for themselves, but for others as their Savior exemplified. God knows the godly and they are always in his sight. Some day the godly will hear the words “well done, good and faithful”.

Which side do you want to be on? It is the godless who callously legislate that there’s no moral question in literally ripping a baby to pieces from the womb. Why? Because the baby is an “inconvenience”. It is the godless who legislate there’s no moral question in robbing a man of the fruit of his labors. Why? In the name of equality and fairness they steal from one and give it to another. It’s the godless who dress up their sales pitch in carefully crafted words from marketing and public relations experts. Why? So they may conceal the truth.

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