To make a single cell is so complex – the information necessary to, the design for each interdependent part so complex and perfect, that it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Without God, the Creator, life is so complex that it couldn’t happen by chance. But the evolutionists insist that given enough time and enough chances, life could begin.

Michael Behe says the problem evolution has is “irreducible complexity”. The tiny motors, the wide array of complex systems in every cell, the information, transportation, sythesizing, energy production is so complex that multiple miracles had to happen all at the same time or the evolution argument dies along with the “accident”.

The point is that the miracle of a single cell had to all come together at a single instant. Evolutionists want us to believe that the miracle happened without God. That it had all the processes in place, to access food, to survive in a hostile, oxygenated, caustic environment, and had the built in ability to reproduce and multiply itself before the end of its life span.

Jesus said “In the beginning” was Adam and God designed man and woman in the beginning for marriage. The reason the Pope and Anglicans and others accept evolution as the process God utilized to create everything is less about science and less about faith and more about societal pressures.

We believe that the God who could make a single, complex cell, could made a single, complex, multi-cell organism called man. Life is a miracle and there’s no way to get around that. If you say you believe in God, then believe in His works. He made energy, he made light, he made the processes of life, he made the tiny motors in that contract, spin, propel, synthesize. Believe in God.

He raised the dead, didn’t He? He cured blindness and leprosy. He made the lame walk. God is still working his will in our lives. We need to start believing in a powerful God. He made you. He made all of the teeming life on this planet. He made the water and the oxygen and the He invented the processes of photosynthesis. He gave us so much good that we might grope for Him and find Him.

Evolution is a detestable philosophy and a doctrine of demons. I’m certain of this. I believe life is a miracle of God. I will not sell God short in the vain attempt to make faith more palatable to people who don’t love God.

In christian love, Dan

Categories: Creationism, Faith

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