Children need daily to see faith in their parents. Young people aren’t always in the mood to learn what they need. A mixture of rebellion and selfishness and hampered by a lack of parental training has established the habit of following what they want. They ignore their elders and reject tried and true ways. Their mentors are peers and the pop culture icons of the day. This is allowed and even encouraged by many Christian parents. But it leaves the young people wide open to attack for the destruction of their souls.

Solomon said to his son, “…if you will receive my words and treasure my commandments within you,” then you will “discern the fear of the Lord, and discover the knowledge of God”, Pro. 2:1-5. Solomon knew that children are to be led to God. To discern and discover the reality of God isn’t hard, but it’s more than a foolish son can do on his own. He needs parental guides who give wisdom and knowledge that leads to God.

Parents want their children to respect the LORD. Solomon shows the by “receiving” instruction and “treasuring” wise words and by directing their ears and heart towards these things, the young will cry out for understanding and treasure wise sayings, and then they will they discern and fear the Lord.

The education in spiritual things therefore is the responsibility of parents. Instead of encouraging our children to play hours and hours of video games and to become pop culture experts, instruct them in the truths of God. Young people need godly parents who both instruct in and exemplify the ways of God.

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