33″Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad ; for the tree is known by its fruit. 34″You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good”, Mt 12:33,34.

Because the Pharisees were evil, what came from their mouths was evil. They were evil in their hearts to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. They were evil to condemn the innocent. They were evil to speak against the truth of God. Being evil, Jesus said, nothing good would come from their mouths.

I was in a discussion with a couple of religious men yesterday who added to a similar discussion that we are all evil. I said that though we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God, we are not all evil in the way Jesus is saying here.

The tree is either good and it has good fruit or the tree is bad and has bad fruit. Jesus says, “make the tree good” which will result in good fruit. Considering the context, the Lord is telling the Pharisees to stop being evil. Until they “make the tree good”, there’s going to be nothing good coming from their mouths.

God washes our sins away and makes us good. We can be right with God only by His grace. But the words of Christ here reveal another aspect of this truth that we must change our hearts and our minds to repent and follow Him. Because the Pharisees loved evil, Jesus called them a “brood of vipers”. But if they quit being evil, the fruit of their lips will be good. Only if they quit their evil ways by repenting will God make them righteous.

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