“27 He who diligently seeks good seeks favor, But he who seeks evil, evil will come to him” (Pro. 11:27).  

Woe to those who resist the justice of God for they shall fail. The justice of God is rooted in the righteousness of God and it is the law of the universe. It is impossible for a man to escape the justice of God. No man is beyond or above it. Men who love truth and who seek to do good will receive a reward. But those who seek evil, they do great harm to themselves. It’s unavoidable. God will not be mocked. 
The fool that says there is no God and who does whatever is right in his own eyes will not understand when the justice of God catches him. The law of God is rooted in what is right and is opposed to what is wrong. It is giving and merciful. It comes from a loving God who gives and forgives. But the law of man who rejects God is rooted in fleshly pursuits and selfish desires. It fails and destroys itself. 
When you are surfing the internet, what do you seek? When you “Google”, do you search for evil or good? The justice of God applies and cannot be thwarted. The man or woman who seeks evil from the sinful world will bring evil upon himself or herself. Pray if this is an issue. Repent and pray and seek God’s strength to overcome the temptations of the flesh. Seek what is good and honor God in all of your doings and you will receive the favor of the Lord. 
A man, or a family, a church, a society, or a nation, can only hope to stand if he humbly submits to the law of God. Seek good and you seek the favor of God. Seek evil and you will find evil is seeking you. 

Categories: do good, justice, Proverbs 11:27, seeking evil

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