HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRISIS, ‘acting on a stage’, the outward show doesn’t match the inward real person. In Mt 23 Jesus pronounces “Woes” on those who are this way.

§ Demanding so much, doing so little
§ Representing God, leading people to hell
§ Praising God, exalting self
§ Claiming to be on God’s side, killing God’s representatives.

A hypocrite can repent. It’s hard and few of them do. A hypocrite will wreak havoc in his home, in the church. He’s difficult to peg exactly because you can’t see the real person. In friendly settings he or she is pleasant, drawing you in. In debate, his real motive is distorted. He keeps up the facade that his position, his action, is rooted in a deep desire to do God’s will. The hypocrite in Matthew 23 is in a position to do great damage to the church. Internally he is driven by a hatred of Truth. There is Truth which he cannot embrace. Thus he will make his follower/disciples twice a son of hell as themselves. The hypocrite who is a leader is a dangerous dude. Be watching. To defeat a hypocrite:

§ Pray to God and be sincerely devoted to Him.
§ Stay in the Truth – the hypocrite will reveal his error.
§ Don’t be fooled by the external, the hypocrite will resort to dirty tactics.

Hypocrites are not the friend of reality and facts. The real world, with facts, are the enemy of a hypocrite. Therefore they rely on their ability to fool people, to deceive people, so with smiles and smooth words they gain their followers. And because emotions often no root in reality, often the result of bypassing reality, the hypocrite uses emotionalism as a tool. When you feel that you are being persuaded with the emotional appeal, despite what the reality is telling you, beware. Remember that the Truth doesn’t always “feel” good. So be careful that you are not captured by the hypocritical teacher with his emotional appeals.

God bless you. Dan

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