Humans are made conservative….God is a conservative….self-empowered and productive, responsible, honest and just, friendly and respectful, and I’m sure there’s more. At the core of a human created in the image of God is a conservative who has to answer to God for his actions. But we know that men do not act according to God’s design because men sin. And

Liberalism, as defined today, is not about liberty, not about self-reliance or personal responsibility, but is instead about the control and enslavement of as many people as possible. Liberalism today is a tool to cater to the poor and, worse, to the lazy and immoral who cast blame on others for their woes and can thus forcefully take from the productive and responsible people of a society. Liberalism is about “change”.

“My son, fear the LORD and the king; Do not associate with those who are given to change,” Pro. 24:21

In America we see that liberalism is attacking the family institution. Murals depicting mom and dad and two children are taken down at a school because it’s “controversial”. The ABC company changed the Family Channel, after purchased from Pat Robertson, into a network emphasizing “a new kind of family” Family Channel – me thinks there’s something to that. The family that is biological and is the foundation of a society is mocked and impugned while “blended”, “single-parent”, “two daddy” families are said to be just as good. The assault on tradition has grown to a deafening drumbeat. Liberalism today seeks to destroy the social rules of the past. Free sex without consequences is a dream come true for godless men but 50 million babies have been destroyed in the process. Marriage has been so disrespected with stupid divorce laws that young people today see no reason to even bother. This is good for godless men and bad for the women and children Liberals pretend to care for.

The Proverb above speaks to the core of liberalism of today that is always seeking to be freed from the tried and true principles and laws that govern men. The king needs people in office who respect and abide by the laws of the land. Christians are like this because they are not “given to changing” the laws of God which govern men.

It’s interesting that still today persist the two major parties in society are the “left” and the “right”. Can’t get away from it and I don’t know for sure why. It’s also interesting what Solomon said:

“A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.”, Eccl 10:2

The conservatives in America, are mostly religious, and they are the “right”, “the ultra-right”, “the radical right wing” and the Liberals in America are called “the left”, “far left”. Interesting that the media congregates mostly to the left. It’s interesting that the movie industry is populated mostly by those whose politics are way “left” of those in their audience.

I think that most people at their core are conservative. But a leftist government has destroyed the social and moral fabric of many in our society by offers of free handouts promises to take care of their every need. God didn’t make us this way. God wants us to be self-reliant, responsible, productive, giving, neighborly.

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  1. Liberalism is altogether backwards. Liberals claim that by “giving money to the needy” they are looking out for others, but it's far from truth. Forcing money out of one's pocketbook is not looking out for another, it's robbery. In a liberals view, one should work hard and be punished, while the lazy man should be rewarded. Backwards. They completely disregard the santity of marriage and stress that it is not an important institution, yet they push for homosexuals to have it! Backwards. Thanks for the post.


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