Men have left God and have adopted every way that pleases them. The world that has left God behind is not growing more perfect, Utopian, but it is devolving into a world where there are no boundaries in relationships, no rules or ethics for business, no justice for the innocent; no justice to the guilty.

Ezekiel spoke to Jerusalem because it had become an evil city. God spoke of His judgment coming to the once great city as a boiling pot with all of the choice and select people being thrown into it, without discrimination, to be boiled and burned. Why? Because he says, “In your filthiness is lewdness”, Ezek. 24:13. There were not enough good works or religious and pious acts the city could do to cause God to relent. The failure to follow God had turned the beautiful city into the city full of rust.

A nation or society that fails to acknowledge God cannot be righteous. The United States has become secular because leaders abandoned the Christian principles that once guided it. The lewdness in the streets is tolerated in the name of diversity and tolerance. Homosexual parades and “Occupy” protests and threats of violence against the few who stand for the truth are increasing. Infants in the womb are dismembered daily in the name of convenience and “family planning”. How can a nation hope to be blessed from sea to shining sea when it drops “one nation under God” from it’s pledges and anthems? How?

Repentance begins with me and you. We who know the truth must lead in our own lives with truth, justice, and love. We must embrace God’s plan to redeem every soul and we must share it with others. This is a spiritual battle and Satan is very clearly winning over many lives. We see this in San Francisco and New York and Chicago. All across the land we see the fruit of choosing life without God. The streets are filled with murder, mayhem, and lewdness. Even the White House embraces lewd behavior. These things must change before we become the boiling pot of God’s judgment. Our nation’s leaders must repent and acknowledge that they have one maker in heaven. Judges must judge with fairness, respecting good over evil. Churches must turn away from pleasing messages that only prepare us for success in this world.

Now more than ever, we need God in this world. We need to be right with God in our lives.

Knife victim’s blood an attraction in New York City,

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