Why did Jerusalem’s Civil and Religious leaders attack Christians? Why did Rome set out to destroy Christianity? The answer is simple: Christ Jesus and His teaching were and remain still a threat against godless authorities wherever they rule. If the god-haters in Washington are comfortable with the church, it means one thing that the church has become complacent and comfortable with the present world. Conforming to the world is not the way to change the world, Romans 12:1,2; 1 John 2:15ff. Rome saw the Christians as a threat since they would not bow down to Rome’s idols. If Christians are bowing to the idols of our day, godless government today will leave them alone – but God will not leave them alone when they compromise.

If Paganism was protected as a legitimate religion and if government made it unlawful to discriminate against Paganism, then the law would be hostile Christianity. When government decides that it will protect transgenders, transsexuals homosexuals, bisexuals, and other sinful lifestyles against discrimination, then that government has decided to force Christians to violate their conscience or be counted as criminals. The gay and lesbian lobbies have decided that it’s not enough that they come out of the closet, but they have used their small numbers very effectively to influence lawmakers and courts to gain and force legitimacy and acceptance. Acceptance will be taught to your children in the Public School System. Acceptance will be required by lenders, landlords, employers, and schools of learning. The godless society is not satisfied to live and let live. And Christians need to know that the goal is to turn us and our children against God’s scriptural and biological design of man and marriage.

If the government “protects” a lifestyle by law and if the government decides that the land must be educated to accept that lifestyle as normal, then government makes itself an enemy of those whose religion disagrees with that “protected” lifestyle. Christians who believe and stand up for God’s truth will be persecuted. It’s an unavoidable reality just as it was for the first century church.

Godless government is fully at work in the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM which has been sterilized of all mention of God and it has become a petri dish where many forms of Baals can grow. Teaching your children that life was an accident without purpose or morals is a direct attack on the Christian faith. Most Christians are comfortable with all of this and do not intervene though their children are on the path to spiritual ruin. Godless government is fully at work to redefine the family, marriage, and in so many ways it is making the abnormal and unnatural into normal.

The culture war that is in progress is a war between the godless and the people of faith – particularly the Christian faith. This culture war has consequences and you can’t be thinking “Aw shucks, let them live their life and I’ll live mine. If society wants to accept gays and gay marriage and if society wants to act like transgender and bisexual has nothing to do with me.” It is only wishful to think the godless folks will leave you and your children alone. On the contrary it does and will affect you and your family in a negative way. You will have men traipsing through womens’ restrooms on the basis that of non-discrimination. 

“Administrators at a public college are claiming that state law allows them to permit biological males who self-identify as females into women’s locker rooms and restrooms on campus. Officials at Evergreen State College in Washington State stood by the claim in an interview with Campus Reform on Friday despite multiple complaints from females who apparently complained about the presence of men in women’s facilities. “We have to follow a non-discrimination policy with the state,” college spokesperson Jason Wettstein told Campus Reform on Friday. “State law doesn’t allow us to ignore gender identity as one of the protected classes,” he added.”

And you will have elementary school children being taught that being gay is cool and that your son can marry a boy if he wants to. And you will have hate speech legislation being passed that makes it a crime to incite “hate” by preaching the truth that homosexuality is an abomination. Parents will be called a danger for instilling God’s morals into their children. It’s all coming. 
Just as Rome persecuted the church for being dangerous, so godless government will attack the church today. When a President has the audacity to say that gays should have the right to marry, he is directly attacking the teaching in the church. When politicians legalize and support abortion with my tax dollars, they attack me and my conscience. Many Christians dislike controversy and wish to downplay the implications of the social changes occurring in this 21st century. But the moral changes are creating a seismic rift between the faithful and the godless. Ignoring the quakes won’t help. God’s people need to remain faithful to God’s Word by taking a stand against the sexual immorality that’s on the increase. Take a stand against it in the Public School System. Take a stand against it in Hollywood films. Take a stand against even if it is protected by law.

Living in a godless world is not easy. But the alternative will be hell. Spoken with love and humility, Dan Mayfield

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