Parents are always teaching their kids – for better or worse. I read someone’s post that said, “A son won’t always listen to your advice, but he will follow your example.” This is true I know. Jesus warned against causing little ones to stumble and not to hinder them from coming to Him (clearly Jesus is talking about children in Matt. 18 & 19). Parents who care deeply about where their children spend eternity will be careful about the example they set because they will follow a poor example as surely as anything.

I read about a dad who was given instructions by his wife to avoid fast food for the kids while she made a trip out of town. Well, he was not very efficient with his time and took the kids to McDonald’s the first night. He worried however what his wife would say and decided to ‘coach’ the little ones to say that they had Kraft macaroni for dinner. Later when mom called to say good night to the kids, he heard his little daughter say, ‘We had Kraft dinner’, at which he breathed a sigh of relief. Except his daughter then added, ‘At McDonalds’. He was in trouble with his wife and he also taught his children to lie.

Teaching children to lie is a stumbling block to them. Parents who break the law are setting stumbling blocks for their children. Parents who miss worship for a hang nail are setting a poor example. All parents teach their children for better or for worse. Mostly in the world, parents are teaching their children to live in rebellion to God and to follow human philosophies and doctrines of men. It is only with care and a convicted faith that parents bring their children to the Lord. So be careful not only for the advice you give to the little children, but also and especially for the example you set. Said in love, Dan Mayfield

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