But when Simon Peter saw that, he fell down at Jesus’ feet, saying, “Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man!”  It says that “amazement” had seized him and all his companions. Do you remember that moment in your own life? Never forget it. Never let go of it.

There are some “Christians” who have not yet had such a moment. They are sophisticated in their walk with Jesus. It’s a mutual admiration they have: I admire Jesus and Jesus admires me.  Some others, they believe enough to “hang around” and they catch most of the conversation from Jesus, but they don’t get close enough to ask questions or to be asked questions. That would call for too much attention. They want to see with their squinting eyes and they cup their ear to hear what he says. Maybe they are waiting to be convinced before they jump fully in, but until that happens, they just tag along on the outer perimeter of the group. For Jesus’ purposes, these are still fairly useless.

The “Christians” who have not had “the moment” of real change, are not convinced enough to pitch in when it comes to work. When the sign-up sheets go around to lend a hand for some particular task, their name is never on the sheet. They give just a little from their earnings but nothing that would be missed. And they aren’t fully convinced about anything. Failing to be fully “in” with what Jesus is calling for, usually means that they also still have feelings for the world. The “hard sayings” of Jesus don’t make sense and even irritate them. “Jesus is love….how can he turn that rich young man away? Why would he say ‘it would be better if a millstone were tied around his neck?'” The problem is, and they won’t admit it, is that they still have improper affections for things of the world. And so they keep their distance from Jesus which keeps them a little closer to the worldly friends and interests. Because improper affections are involved, the distance they intentionally keep, means they can slip away for a foray into the world and nobody will notice. They might slip into a nightclub for a little fun. They might smoke a little marijuana or they might keep a bottle of 90 Proof in the upper cabinet. Neither in nor out. And this won’t change until they have a moment like Peter.

When you have a moment like Peter, you will be nudging your way through the crowd to get closer. You suddenly have questions and you are interested in His answers. And when he points to this need or to that problem, your mind begins working. “What does Jesus want me to do? I’ll volunteer.”  And when you find yourself a distance from Jesus – you are in Jerusalem and you know he’s up in Galilee – you are fervently about His business. Because of you, Jesus can be two places at once. Jesus said we are to be light and salt. Until you have had that moment of truly understanding who Jesus is, you  are going to keep the light turned low and the salt is going to be used sparingly.

Peter and others had just such a moment and they left their boats and nets to follow Jesus. They wanted their light to blaze bright and they wanted to shake their salt on everyone.


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