I would like to begin with an observation: nothing is perfect. I like my Ipad Mini, it works very nicely, but it’s not perfect. I also like my Android phone. It works very nicely, but it’s not perfect. I also like my Windows 8 laptop. It works very nicely but it’s not perfect. About the Apple product, it freezes up more than does my laptop or android phone. Every day or two, it’s just frozen so I can’t turn it off, can’t close the program, not until it unfreezes. An android phone will power off if you hold down the button and the battery can be removed for a fresh restart. The Windows computer has Ctrl Alt Del which is always accessible to close down an unresponsive program. SO, I can now say that the Apple product is nice but it’s not as perfect as Apple fanboys have presented it to be. That’s all.

The Scriptures remind us all that we need a Savior because none of us are perfect. In fact, if it were not for the grace of God in His Son, Jesus Christ, we would all be doomed with no hope and only the certain expectation of eternal damnation from God’s presence. Paul says, “BLESSED IS THE MAN WHOSE SIN THE LORD WILL NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT”, Rom 4:8. These are remarkable words when you consider that God is just and He cannot be anything but just. Justice must be served and His wrath appeased. So how is it that God can look upon a sinful man and count no sins against Him? This is the beauty of God’s redemption for those who live by faith. The faith of those who live for God and trust not in their own goodness is credited as righteousness by God. Abraham lived such faith. So did many others, Hebrews 11. Sidenote: this faith is not the “faith only” doctrine of denominations which is completely false and completely unlike the faith of Abraham and others. Now back to the point at hand.

Like all of our glorious electronics that have their faults, so we all have our faults. And like Apple aficionados who need to be reminded their toys aren’t perfect, so should we all learn that a dose of humility is needed to please God. People should learn the value of humility because Jesus said, “The sick need a physician”. He meant that He can help those who know their sinfulness and can put their reliance on the great physician. But people who think they are better than others and think they are good enough to deserve salvation are only fooling themselves. Like my Ipad, no one is perfect and everyone should put their faith in Jesus. Message me if you wish to discuss about your salvation.
Faith in Jesus is shown at baptism, see Gal. 3:26,27; Colossians 2:12,13; Acts 22:16.

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