God will bring justice. God is the final judge.  His justice is going to come against those who suppressed the truth and those who perverted justice. He is the author of what is right and wrong. When men deny and turn from Almighty God, they usher in a certain darkness that perverts everything, including justice. In Isaiah 59 where God says our iniquities have created a separation between us and Him, it also says, 

13 Transgressing and denying the LORD, And turning away from our God, Speaking oppression and revolt, Conceiving in and uttering from the heart lying words. 14Justice is turned back, And righteousness stands far away; For truth has stumbled in the street, And uprightness cannot enter. 15Yes, truth is lacking; And he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey. Now the LORD saw, And it was displeasing in His sight that there was no justice.” Isa 59:13,14. 

God’s judgment doesn’t come only at the final judgment. A society cannot and will not function well unless there is justice. Before a trespass is committed there must be set in place a punishment for the crime. And it must be blindly, fairly, and impartially administered. It recompenses and clears the debt owed by the violator. And it teaches others not to do the same. In every society, civil, private group, and even in the church, there must be discipline, 1 Tim 5:20. A society without laws is not going to prosper.

Years ago I read a book about the taming of the west. Until the territorial courts were set up with the Clint Eastwood types lawmen bringing justice, it was a scary proposition to move across the land and set up farming or a general store. To provide for your family required there be law. Once there was justice set in place, then each man could labor and trade and provide for his own.

When we see the clearly guilty getting off “scott free” or with little more than a slap, then people pull back in caution. They put up gates. They arm themselves with weapons. If they don’t, the lawless vacuum will open them up to murder, molestation, and mayhem. Without discipline, there is no love for the offender or for the offended.

God designed the law system, empowering the powers that be, to be “for the praise of those that do right and for the punishment of evildoers” Rom 13:3; 1 Pt 2:13,14. When it becomes corrupt and makes good evil and makes evil good, men will defend themselves. The distrust that is sown by evil judges and evil politicians will make right thinking men to defend themselves. It’s a sad commentary that mankind cannot learn from the lessons of the past.

In Acts 8, it talks about the corruption of the authorities that persecuted good Christians. What did the Christians do? They separated. They fled and moved to more friendly places where they could live their Christian lives. Corrupted justice begets more corruption until it becomes an intolerable condition for all men to live under. Men will separate. Why are there states threatening to secede? Why are new nations breaking off? Why are lines of demarcation drawn warning not to cross. Christians will flee from a corrupt state that is hostile to their ways.

Enter at your own risk, reads the signs. The link below by NBC is pointing to the problems in one city, Detroit, and how it’s a dangerous place to live. The cause, according to the story, is not the lawlessness and corruption. The godless will never give the truth. The problem as they present it is that the police are understaffed and overworked. Why can’t they afford more cops? The answer is too painful or too revealing to tell. Why are the police overworked? Because the corrupt govt. has pilfered the city coffers. Mismanagement. Sure, a few go to jail but no real justice can be administered. The corrupt govt. has fostered the corruption in the city. Corruption at the top always trickles down. A corrupt CEO will corrupt his people under it. A corrupt President will surround himself with corrupt people. Corrupt Congress and a corrupt Senate will protect themselves. They create two sets of laws: one for them and one for everybody else. The law is corrupted. And so the police will be overworked and the law-abiding citizens will get out of town to a place that understands law and order.

The thug that punches a guy and kills him gets 4.5 years for murder. “No, no, it’s not murder, it’s manslaughter! Get it right Dan!” Hey, I’m not the one that’s blind here. He MURDERED a man and that’s all there is to know. In less than four years that MURDERER is going to be walking the streets, threatening others. Now do you want to be walking that street then? No. You will draw your lines and stay as far from that street as possible. And because you aren’t there, your commerce isn’t there. The store owners can’t stay open. The shops are boarded up and windows are broken. Sane people leave. Sane people separate themselves to more friendly places. And with the lack of tax revenue, the police will be overworked and undermanned. There won’t be anyone to tell the thug to get his bike off of the sidewalk. There are a lot of people in jail who should not be there. Jail is a terrible place to spend years of your life. But a murderer should be there for life or his life should be taken, because “it doesn’t have the sword for nothing.”

The idea of lady liberty being blindfolded and holding the scales of justice has become a joke. And people know it. Why? Because a society that rejects God has opened itself to the certain darkness of lawlessness.

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