It’s seems that we have a wide discrepancy in the number of days it took God to create everthing. The Bible says God created in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested from all of His works (Heb. 4:4). But Evolutionists (Theistic Evolutionists too) say the number of days is 1,872,000,000,000 days for creation (based on it the 6 billion year theory times 6 days a week). Do you think it takes God 2 Trillion days to create the world? And do you think God then needed to rest for 318 Million days? There’s a reason the godless darwinists keep expanding the age of the universe into the billions of years is because they know their plan isn’t possible, not even in a million years.

I have an idea. Be a Christian and believe that the Almighty God can do the creating of everything in six literal days.

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