James says, “let endurance have its perfect result” – Jas. 1:4

From this text, James goes on to say that the “result” is being complete and lacking in nothing. This is the description of a mature Christian that’s able to engage in the spiritual battles and the evil in this world. 

Here’s the challenge to get there. The Christian must endure. That means when suffering the trials of life that he not wilt or wither away under the difficulties. Endurance has to have it’s perfect result. But many people never see the perfect result, becoming complete, because when life gets hard they run and flee from the storms.

So when you get an insult and when it seems everything isn’t going your way, stop to pray and go through the difficulty because God has a plan for you. God has a great work ahead of you but He needs to work on you and shape you for that work. So don’t run. Don’t let fear hold you back. When you are complete in Christ, you will be the instrument God uses to do His will in the world.

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