As evangelizers to the world, we understand that the Gospel is for all. Though God chose the poor to be rich in faith (Jas 2), still the rich are subject to God and need salvation. So what should we preach to the rich? 

James 5 says ‘woe to the rich’ because God’s judgment is coming on them. What can a rich man do to turn away God’s wrath? Along with obedience to the Gospel of Christ, in repentance a rich man must bring down the idolizing of money and exalt God.

When it comes to money, what is the rich man to do? The rich man should be encouraged to give to God. He has the ability to support the spreading of the Gospel and he should. A man’s wealth can sit idle or it can move. He can hide it in a box or a bank with the intent of storing up for himself. A man does many things with his money and it always relates to the things most important to him. A man can also spend his money on his own passions or he can spend them on the furtherance of the Gospel. It’s a choice but the choice is important because it always reflects on his faith.

If you are wealthy, wealthy enough to save up for the future, ask yourself what future are you have in mind. Spend your money not only on yourself but spend it for the cause of Christ. Does God bless the labor of your hands so you spend the fruit only on yourself?

As preachers to the world, we speak not only the woes to those who are rich, but we also preach the blessing of eternal life to those who change their priorities and give their riches to The Lord.

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