TRUTH AND LIES, by Dan Mayfield

but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ,” – Eph 4:15

Truth is better than lies. We say to children to always tell the Truth. We believe that ‘honesty is the best policy’. Why? Because Truth engenders trust whereas lies make trust impossible. Truth is must easier to remember than lies because Truth is associated with sights, smells, feelings, sounds, and inputs from other people. But a lie has none of these. A lie is fabrication all within your mind. Oh no matter how you try to create a lie and attach to it various inputs by borrowing them from past experiences or imaginings, still it is a fiction and the liar knows it.


There are people who perfect the ability to lie to themselves. They are pathological in that they not only lie to others, but they begin to believe their own lies.  In their mind they have forced themselves to believe what isn’t real. They turn off the reality checker in their mind in order to make the lie as real as possible in their own mind. This helps them to be more believable in their lies. Their pulse and breathing no longer give away the lie. But this places the liar in a complicated situation where his or her “reality” is not the reality that Truthful people live in. The friction between the pathological liar and the Truthful world cannot be reconciled. The Truthful world must ostracize the pathological liar or the pathological liar must use force and various forms of coercion to silence the Truthful world. One reality must win and one must lose.
Not all liars are pathological. They are not that far gone and can be rescued if effort is given to telling the Truth. I said at the beginning that Truth is better than lies because Truth is easier to remember. But the lie from the non-pathological Liar is just a bit of false information, floating around in the mind, which has no basis in reality and the Liar knows. His body will give him away with a lie detector test. He understands the importance of Truth. He wishes for others to be Truthful to him. He wants the blessings that come from Truth, like the blessings of a trusting relationship. Still he, or she, will slip up and tell a lie. Perhaps the Liar promises himself that this will be the only one. But still the lie is told and it’s on record in the minds of people the lie was told to. So for the rest of the Liars days he will have to keep track of the lie and make sure to keep it up should the matter ever arise. But this is very hard. The lie that’s not associated with reality, with the various inputs of the senses, will get lost, altered, changed, made larger or smaller. And sooner or later the lie will become known.
The Truth isn’t like the lie. The Truth is embedded in the brain with all of the other sensory inputs associated with it. The smell of the air, the light breeze, the room, the tone of the voice, the kind of music, the list goes on. All of these things are related to the Truth and are recorded with the Truth. They all serve to help keep the story accurate.
Jesus is the way, the Truth, and the life,  John 14:6.

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