If Jesus had to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness, how much more you sinners! Mt 3:15

If you believe in Jesus Christ and want to go to heaven, turn away from your sins and get baptized. This shouldn’t have to be said, but there are a lot of so-called Christians who are telling people they don’t have to get baptized.  That Jesus said, “baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” isn’t enough to convince them.

Jesus asked John to baptize Him.  John at first resisted and said, “It is I who need to be baptized by you.” These words from John give us a clue about the importance of being baptized. There was from God a particular spiritual blessing to be imparted at water baptism. It’s why John wouldn’t baptize until people brought “fruits in keeping with repentance”. Without change, God doesn’t give the forgiveness.

Matthew 26:26-28 says Jesus’ blood is shed FOR REMISSION OF SINS. Acts 2:38 says to the people pricked in their hearts, asking what to do in response to believing the Gospel, that they should repent (just like John said in Lk 3) and be immersed FOR THE REMISSION OF SIN. The remission of sins is by the blood of Christ at baptism.

There is a particular point in time at which God takes a lost sinner into His kingdom. Colossians 1:13 says, “He delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of His beloved Son.” The next chapter, in verses 12 and 13 shows that the point in time at which God saved was when the Colossians got in the water. The water is just water. The person is a sinner. The baptizer is just a man. But God has a plan to redeem souls. God wants people in His kingdom. He has ordained that the salvation threshold is water baptism. The Catholics and Lutherans sort of have this right if only they left the babies alone and started immersing the true sinners (men and women get bapized, Acts 8:12).

Pretend you are the sinner Saul of Tarsus, not yet saved but you’ve been praying and fasting for a few days. Then Ananias comes to you and says, “Why do you delay? Arise and be baptized and wash away thy sins, calling on His name” Acts 22:16.

The “faith alone” people have to do twist and somersaults over this – and they are more than willing – but Saul got baptized and his sins were washed away the threshold moment called baptism.

You need to be baptized. Have you gone to the river yet? Having a little sprinkling of water or pouring of water doesn’t suit what Jesus commanded, Mt 28:19, Mk 16:16. Jesus got baptized because it was commanded. You are a sinner and baptism is still commanded. What will you do? Said with love, Dan

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