WHAT FOLLOWS THE LIES AND NONSENSE OF A GODLESS CULTURE? Hopelessness, despair, anxiety, confusion, insanity.

The mind is one. The mind is designed to seek balance and order. A person with two personalities or multiple personalities represents a multi-divided mind and it does not function. The mind cannot cope with opposing ideas residing in it and one must become dominant and the other must be discarded.

God is the ultimate reality and the ultimate authority. We innately know (Romans 1:20ff) that there’s a powerful, wise, and good Being who started and rules over everything. To accept a human philosophy that is the antithesis of reality God is to bring confusion into the mind. Those who do this are called “double-minded” in the Bible (James 1,4).

To keep sane we must dispense of the lies of men who reject God. Insane is having in the same mind the thought, “I want to do evil and I want to please God.” This seed of insanity might dwell in you. Evolution theory is intentionally designed to erase the need for God. But Evolution is nothing but an
inferior god that relies on the lies that random genetic mutations and natural selection can make order out of disorder and something out of nothing. See the mind knows intuitively that these make no sense. But millions and millions of people believe the stories being told them on every channel and in every college class.

A college educated kid has learned to accept naturalism. And so how does this kid reconcile his thoughts that beauty and knowledge and goodness and design point to something greater than all of us? He’s made to think that he must accept “science” and modern thought OR else he must become a misinformed religious fanatic. The choice is a false one. God is not anti-science. God is just anti-evolution and anti-godless naturalism that is being hammered into our youth.

We all need God. I love knowing that my God came and dwelled with His children for a season. Every day we need His truth in our lives. He is a personal God who loves us with a pure and everlasting love. We need His truth informing us in all of our pursuits. God has personally come to earth to live among us in Jesus Christ. The man Jesus Christ so lived and so spoke as to perfectly show to us all what we hunger to know: God Almighty.

But now many Christians have been seduced by the world. The lie of the devil persists. The devil has made many to compromise their minds as Adam and Eve did. Intermingled with thoughts of God are the philosophies of men who despise God. This happened and we hardly knew it happened. As a result, many Christians have diametrically opposing ideas in their heads, God and anti-god views, and they sense something is wrong, Something about this is not working for them. They believe God and they believe the world’s model for family, parenting, discipline. They worship God and but they know the American Idols much better. They know God should be sacrificed to but they give more to the gods of this world. There’s a moral fiber in them but they don’t live it on tax day. This is the seed ground of insanity, confusion and hopelessness.

Start over today. You are not going to live forever. Follow Jesus by denying yourself. Maybe you made the bargain but it was your soul you traded away. For what? An extra million in the bank? For what? A few years of pleasure? The price of hope and joy is what you traded away. So please won’t you once again take up your cross and gladly do the work of Christ today? Pray for clarity and for God’s hand to work in your life. Do this before it’s too late. And while praying, repent of the duplicity that became your life.

If you let this simple admonition to pass, though you are pricked and know it’s true, and do not do what you innately know you ought to do, then you doom yourself to greater distress and despair. Do not pass up this moment to bring happiness and joy back to your life and to secure your eternal place with God.

I say all of this in love. – Dan

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