The miracles Jesus performed were amazing, “notable” miracles. They weren’t the normal, every day “miracles” that charismatics point to and say happen all the time. So since these modern “Christians” insist on calling every work of God a miracle, then I’m going to start calling the miracles of Jesus the “miracle miracles”. Like this: “that walking on water was a miracle miracle.” “And the feeding of five thousand with a few fishes was some amazing miracle miracle.” This idea I have will help people see there is a difference between God’s provisional works he does behind the scenes – which “Christians” insist on calling “miracles” – and the true miracles, the “miracle miracles” of the Bible. Also, another idea I have is for a third category of miracles. Besides the “miracle miracles” we read about in the Bible, and besides the plain ole “miracles” that are not “miracles” in the Biblical sense but are more properly recognized as the work of God by providence in answering prayers and such, I offer a third category I will dub “fo-miracles” that charismatics perform when they gather together. What does “fo” mean? It’s like when someone says, “what are you doing that ‘fo’?” So it’s just a “fo-miracle”. Get it? So now we, who strive to speak the Bible, can accommodate the people who sometimes are confused about miracles by offering three categories of miracles. The last will be the “fo” type miracles that don’t work in hospitals, mortuaries, or on the streets where people are sick. The next is what are often termed “miracles”, which are not miracles in the Biblical sense, but they might still be the works of God which we can only by faith attribute to the hand of God. And the first type is the “miracle miracles” which are the true miracles that we see Jesus performed, Peter and Paul too. The resurrection of Christ is the “miracle miracle” (Don’t criticize, I’m just trying to help people to distinguish). The creation of the world was a “miracle miracle’. The turning of water to wine was a “miracle miracle”. I hope this helps. So remember and be sure to distinguish between the Miracle Miracles (in the Bible), the Miracles (just everyday stuff God does in our lives, and the Fo-Miracles.
Though we confess that Almighty God works in diverse ways, all that He does is not what the Scriptures refer to as a miracle. The turning of water to wine was called the first of Jesus’ miracles. This was the work of the Father through the Son (Heb 2:4). Let’s learn to distinguish between God’s everyday works and the miracles in the Bible. The miracles of Jesus do not to diminish the other acts of Christ. Everything He did was remarkable and praiseworthy, but everything He did was not a miracle. Was God working prior to the first miracle? Yes. Was God answering prayers prior to this first miracle? Yes, but not in ways that are notable miracles. If you are going to ignore this simple truth and continue to call EVERYTHING a miracle, then please accept my suggestion and begin calling the miracles recorded in the Bible as “miracle miracles”.
I hope this is helpful. Sincerely I do. Dan

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