The Gospel means “good news”. These words don’t mean much these days. “Gospel” is all but ignored and it’s rarely heard save in the pulpit. And “good” seems a little flat for something that is more like marvelous, excellent or exceptional. It’s called the “Great” Commission that Jesus gave to the disciples. Why not, instead of “good”, call it the “Great News!” The message of Jesus isn’t just “good”, it’s the most amazing news that’s ever been printed or proclaimed publicly. How should a person respond to something so amazing?

Are you trying to figure out how to balance your belief of Jesus into all of the other interests you have? Do you struggle to pray? Does the Bible collect dust on a shelf? Is your giving practically nothing compared to what you give to your wants? Is it difficult for you to regularly attend the worship assembly with Christians? You are just so busy, after all. And what about the Wednesday night class? Oh, I know, you are quick to point out that that’s just an expedient and not required in the Scriptures. Well, what about the Monday night study or the Thursday morning study? I know, a man has to work and provide for his family. But do you see that God sees how you are dodging the real matter of being fully committed to Him?

When God is a man’s priority, he doesn’t do as little as is required to get to heaven. He’s the one that is the servant of all. He’s the one that feels especially charged to be the encourager of others. He gives liberally of himself. Sacrifice isn’t just a word, but it defines his life for Christ.I will admit that I’m encouraged by all Christians who give much and by those who give little, but mostly by those who give much. I am glad even for a little encouragement by weak or infant Christians. And I hope they will grow and in time become the sacrificial givers and move beyond the infancy stage that’s gone on for years.

The Gospel is excellent, great news. I don’t know about you, but when I hear excellent news, I am personally moved. I start talking and changing things in my life. To know that Jesus died for my sins and that He arose from the grave to give me eternal life, makes me supremely thankful. My life is His to do with as He pleases.

Take a look at your life. Take a look at your priorities. Are you a living sacrifice for Jesus, Rom 12:1,2? If the sacrifice of your life looks more like the leftover scraps that wouldn’t even satisfy a dog, then you haven’t been moved by the Supremely good news of Jesus Christ.

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